Tips for buying and decorating your first home

The time has finally come! You have set out on the task of buying your first home. And for that, nothing better than seeking the advice of the people who love us most and know us but also the help of professionals who can assist us. Buying a property is a big decision that can affect our economy for many years. It is for this reason that we must take into account some advice when buying it.


But, in addition to that, once we have our dream house, what better to start with the task of decorating it. This can be one of the most difficult projects and it is never too easy to take into account some tips that can make this task one of the most beautiful!


Let's start then with the list of tips that we have for you today. First, we will see some basic tips for buying the first home :

  1. Plan and define our savings capacity.
  2. Determine if we need financing or external assistance and analyze the options available for our case.
  3. Establish our budget.
  4. Seek professional advice such as traditional real estate agents or real estate agencies like lamudi. They will be able to assist us legally and can find us options available according to our needs.
  5. Put together a list of what we want to have our first home (this is essential to communicate to our real estate agent.
  6. We must always be sure before making any offer.
  7. It is good to take into account the advice of our real estate agent, even more so when we are "first-time" in the purchase of housing.


Once we have already chosen and bought our home ... The best stage begins! Many want to run out to buy all the furniture, decorative objects and others ... but attentive! It is better to resist and take the task of decorating our home with great seriousness. Many are the ones who would have liked to have a list of good advice before giving themselves to this task. That is why, based on the opinions of professionals and other people like us who have already lived the experience, we bring you this list. It is not definitive or unique, and everyone can add more tips according to their experience. We start?

  1. Before moving, it is good to make a good cleaning of the things we already know we do not want in our home. An example of this may be the sofa we had with our roommate or all those old objects or "works of art" of youth. Old furniture that can no longer be restored or reused, defective appliances that we have in our parents' garage, clothes that we no longer use or use (there are things that we no longer enter or that we are aware we will not use again!) All those things that we are going to take out we can donate them, make a garage sale or sell them online. There we will have an extra money for the decoration of our new home. Now, a very important advice at this point: we must analyze well before we can take anything out, we should not get rid of everything !!!
  2. We should not buy everything at once . By moving to our new home, we should not run away to buy everything we "believe" need or all that we have always "dreamed". Before buying, we have to live a little in our house to truly know what we need. In addition this will help us to realize the priority that we should give in the reform work, in case of having to make one.
  3. We can buy large pieces in second-hand stores . In this way we not only save money at the beginning but this will give us the possibility to truly discover what we like and what not without having lost a fortune. It is a reality that as we live and get used to the new space we will discover our style. Do not spend a lot on a piece of furniture justifying that it is a piece that we have always wanted and an investment in our future. Most likely, our style changes three or four before we finally establish what our perfect style combination is.
  4. Let's enjoy the chance and its surprises . Keep in mind that our first house will not be perfect. And it is bad for us and we should not be depressed if we initially have strange chairs that we do not like very much or a sofa in which we still can not reach an agreement ... that is exactly what it should be! We are learning what you like about living it, not just what we like in a decoration image.
  5. Painting can be our best friend. We can paint walls, furniture, paint the legs of chairs, frames and even imitate the headboard of our bed. The possibilities are endless!


Walls with a protagonist color They may be the best option. When painting the walls, we should not do it in the whole room completely. We can give the accent of color in one. This will make it easier when we want to make a change and it is also cheaper. Start the decoration for a stay . That room can be your bedroom. It is without a doubt the space in which we spend a third of the time we are at home. If we do not have much money, the first thing we have to keep in mind is the bedding, it should be of good quality, do not skimp on it. For the color palette for the walls, light colors will be good for those who should get up early; and the dark ones for those who like (and can) sleep extra time. If you have a good budget, do not stop looking for the best bed you can buy keeping in mind the dimensions of your space. Do not buy the biggest bed and then not be able to move around the room! The headboard is something you can leave for later. Fight against the desire to match everything In your home. Retail stores love to perpetuate the idea that everything has to match. Some pieces of the same style are fine, but nothing more than that! If you decorate your entire house in this way, it will have no life or personality. You must make sure that your own personal style is seen through the decoration without forgetting the proportion, scale and balance of the furniture and accessories in each room. We can not place several large pieces in a small space. Everything must be in its right balance. Friday may be the ideal place to move furniture at home. It does not mean you should do it every Friday, but at least the first few weeks until we find the ideal location for everything. A benefit to do it with your partner or friends! Let the house come to bother you with your "defects" . Surely, after seeing a magazine or decoration blog you want to run away to reorganize everything, improve storage problems and others always based clearly on what you just observed. But for trying to solve those problems immediately, you'll probably end up spending a fortune. It is better to live with the problem a little longer, analyze and think in a practical way about the options we have, look for and then at that moment give you the solution. In this way it will be much more economical and effective without doubts! Try to live in your home with as little as possible . It is very tempting the first time we are in our home to want to buy everything and everything, what we dream, like, etc. Instead of buying everything you see, it is good to take pictures or browse the pages of stores, and go arming a folder of options to buy. Then you can assemble them in the photographs of your home and you can see what to buy or what to remove and you can definitely avoid accumulating everything! It is unnecessary and it does not look good in decoration!

So here are our tips, but remember that you can add your own tips to this list!


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