Tips for a Japanese garden

When you have a moment to dedicate it to you, do not opt ​​for anything other than going out to your garden and disconnecting, it is a special place where you can do it. Let the noise of the water transport you to a place where there are no worries and where calm is the basis. Here we give you all the keys to get your Japanese, Zen or feng shui garden. The style that takes so much.

Odd numbers, all the elements that we are going to place we have to put them in odd numbers. That is to say, if we put trees, we must plant 1,3,5 .. It is necessary to place rocks of different sizes, colors and textures. As well as flat stones. We must also place sand or gravel and pass a rake from time to time. Doing this relaxes at the same time that making ripples in the sand gives us the feeling that it is water, with which it relaxes even more.

Japanese garden ideas 2

Use water: well with ponds, fish tanks, containers with water or fountains. Of course, since it is a natural garden, it is essential that there are plants. You can choose any of the outdoor plants, especially those you can take care of well.

Japanese garden ideas 3

Asymmetrical designs. The asymmetrical designs change our daily life and for that reason it is good that we have it in the gardens, since they break the monotony and the daily symmetry. Do not put too many elements, because according to this style you have to remove the unnecessary so that the imagination also flies.

Japanese garden ideas 4

One of the bases is also that the material that we have at our disposal should be used in the garden and not vice versa. That is, we do not have to make a preconceived idea and from there try to buy what we need to get it, it is best to start from the previous situation although there will always be things that we must buy.

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