Tips for a bathroom makeover

I think that on other occasions we have already talked about how decorating a room, in this case the bathroom, does not always have to be a radical and complete transformation. Reforms are necessary when the elements of a bathroom no longer work properly for many years. Or because his appearance has deteriorated so much that there is no choice but to renew it completely. But in most of the occasions, introducing a few small changes will be enough to turn around the decoration of our bathroom.

Changes in the bathroom 1

In this example above, drawings, silhouettes, small works of art framed and hung on the walls of the bathroom are enough to completely change the air of this bathroom decorated in neutral tones. It has suddenly acquired an important air of elegance and sophistication.

Changes in the bathroom 2

A classic to change the look of the bathroom is to change or add curtains to it. A correct and appropriate choice of curtains will complement and transform the appearance of the bathroom.

Changes in the bathroom 3

Introducing some furniture, especially if it is not typical bathroom furniture, or accessories such as a rug or a pillow will give a new air to our usual bathroom. It also has its practical side, having a comfortable place to sit in the bathroom is an important plus in its decoration, comfort.

Changes in the bathroom 4

And why not be a bit more daring and paint the bathtub to make it an important element of visual attraction. We can also hide the age of a bathtub or cover possible damage that may have.

Changes in the bathroom 5

The mirror is another one of those elements that by themselves can transform the decoration of a bathroom. Once again everything will depend on a correct and daring choice.

Changes in the bathroom 7

Lighting is another aspect of the decoration that offers us a great game to make small modifications with great results. Changing or adding a lamp will transform the appearance of our bathroom radically and without major works. The investment can be very variable and will adapt to any pocket, the world of lamps has a really wide price range.

Changes in the bathroom 8

Painting the bathroom with a new coat of paint in glossy finish will completely transform its appearance. Keep in mind that we can paint even if our bathroom is completely covered with tiles. We will choose the color that we like but always in a glossy finish.

Changes in the bathroom 9

Handles, knobs, towel rails and bathroom taps are elements of easy renovation. And just by changing them for more modern ones or that we like more, we will have an important transformation.


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