Three tips to get your own office at home

Working from home is an advantage for many. However, being for hours in front of the computer from the living room of our house and sharing common spaces for work may not be a great idea. Who has not wanted to have their own office in their own house where they can work in a quiet and isolated way? Take advantage of the brand new 2019 to launch the corner you've been dreaming for too long. Of course, you will need certain guidelines so that your office gets the inspiration you need to work properly. We propose some suggestions for a correct choice.

Three tips to get your own office at home

Hire a warehouse

First, once you have chosen the room for the workspace, you should begin by freeing yourself from most objects that have been stacked unused for years. Set two categories: the things you want to keep and those that you do not. With the first, it is advisable to establish a classification for items and pack orderly: clothes, books, objects and furniture in disuse ... In short, objects that we do not need immediately, but we want to keep. Once packed all in boxes and labeled by product, the next step is to bet on a Self Storage service or lease of mini-warehouses. In this way, among the companies that are dedicated to storage of storage rooms Globalbox stands out, which is differentiated from the rest by its high cleanliness and security conditions, its wide opening hours or the free transport in a van.

Design your own workspace

This step depends 100% on you and the touch you want to give to the room where you work. Ideally, opt for comfortable furniture and calm colors such as beige, green or blue. White is one of the preferred options for those who work from home. Indispensable is a large desk with drawers where you can classify work files. On the other hand, the swivel chair is essential to maintain a good posture and take care of our back.

The style depends on you: minimalist, vintage or millenial, among many others. But the main thing is to opt for a decoration that, mainly, is not overwhelming. The accessories are of free choice; To the taste of each one.

Take care of the lighting in your office

Imagining that that room has a good window, do not hesitate to put your desk near so that the lighting is as natural as possible. Also, there are lighting systems that artificially imitate sunlight perfectly. When you work at night or do not have much light, use a flexo with a white LED bulb. Possibly, you are going to need several lamps; According to the needs of the work we will use one type of lighting or another. For example, a very intense white is recommended for a task of high concentration. Above all, it prevents the lamps from creating uncomfortable shadows on the work area.

With just a few changes, your small office can become a really nice place.

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