Three small rooms in a loft

It sounds maybe a bit incongruous to talk about rooms in a loft . An open space where it is difficult to break that spatial unit with partitions and that the result is good. This was the order that the Studio Chain from New York. Three young people were going to settle in an old factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn, they wanted the studio to develop a project to share all three of this unique space.

A loft to pure design 1

They wanted speed and economy, the Studio Chain He offered you this interesting design. Three rooms inserted inside a large room. The three rooms are clustered in the center of the loft and around there is a large common space. The windows have not been affected by the division, the light keeps pouring in.

A loft with pure design 2

As independent but open houses at the same time, they offer privacy but without breaking the aesthetics of the loft, nor above all destroy the space.

A loft with pure design 3

The structure of the rooms is perfectly explained in the photograph above, in it we see the model of the rooms. Three cubes arranged in the center of an open space.

A loft with pure design 4

Here we can appreciate the enormous common space resulting from the grouping of the rooms in the center of the room. And we can also see the large windows that continue to exercise their primordial work, light and views.

A loft with pure design 5

The curious arrangement of the rooms and their own windows that allow light to reach the small cubes create a special environment.

A loft with pure design 6

It is an original way to create intimacy in an open space. Privacy is safe without renouncing the intrinsic virtues of an open space such as a loft. Straight lines, feeling of free space, high ceilings.


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