Three little tricks to have good aroma in your home

A good decoration, as we know, part of the order and cleanliness. But there is another more subtle factor that makes us feel good or bad, it's about the aroma. When you are away from home all day when you return the first thing that receives you is the aroma of your home. That quality that you do not usually miss consciously but when you recover it sends a trail of memories and feelings. We all want our house to smell good, let's see three little tricks to get it.

Ideas to flavor the home 1

It's as easy as preparing a few poupurrís with your favorite aromas and let them work at their own pace. So every time you return to your home the first thing you will feel is that subtle scent that you like so much, before you even open the door.

Ideas to flavor the home 2

The first recipe What we propose is to prepare in a glass bowl, a jar or any container that you have by hand, a mixture of cinnamon sticks, anise seeds, cloves, vanilla essential oil, nutmeg and allspice. The cinnamon stick is suitable to break it a little so that its aroma is emanated more easily and put the other ingredients in the container in which you can also place a sponge or a bit of dry moss to soak essential oils.

Ideas to flavor the home 3

A variant , among the many that you can prepare, it will consist in replacing some of the previous ingredients with sliced ​​lemon and fresh rosemary. So only with the essential oil of vanilla, anise, nutmeg, lemon and rosemary, we will have a lighter and refreshing aroma. The truth is that you can prepare many variants to get your perfect aroma. Then you only have to keep the ingredients a little, replacing them when they lose claw or pounch in excess, and you will always have your home fragrant and perfumed.

Ideas to flavor the home 4

The candles They are another perfect option to keep the house aromatized, although the aromas are almost always artificial, but you can find candles with natural flavorings or prepare them yourself.


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