This spring, navy blue

Among the typical colors for the season of the year that we have just begun it seems that this color has been introduced among the specialists that we present to you. The navy blue has been added to the typical spring pastel tones. A wonderful way to introduce this color in our decoration is by adding cushions. It allows us to play with a wide palette of blues in different gradations.

Decorate in navy blue 1

Although only one color dominates, in this case the navy blue, the cushions allow us to introduce this color in any environment. Also with the cushions, a simple and easy to place element in any chair, sofa or bench, we can play with the textures of the different fabrics with which they can be made.

Decorate in navy blue 2

Decorate in navy blue 3

The use of fabrics with different designs also allows us to make good combinations without changing color, or minimally. So alternating fabrics, smooth, embossed and patterned we can create very varied combinations using the same color.

Decorate in navy blue 4

According to our taste or our ability to risk we can get to decorations as risky as that of the top photo. The gray sofa and carpet temper a bit the strength of that almost electric marine blue. Although we do not reach these extremes we can be content with the good match that we can get to the cushions.

Decorate in navy blue 5

Decorate in navy blue 6

Neutral colors such as white, beige or sand color balance the intensity of the blue and add light and spaciousness to the room. Also the light browns and the wood have the same effect tempering the strength of the navy blue and fighting with its warmth the excessive coldness of the blue.


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