The wooden ceilings create warm and cozy spaces

Wood is a natural raw material that humanity has used since time immemorial to build shelters and shelters. As a covering, it usually covers floors and walls but we can also use it for ceilings. Although this use was more usual in the past, it seems to be taking on new importance. We are going to see wooden ceilings for warm and cozy spaces because if something contributes wood it is warmth and other qualities.


We will see first some examples of roofs covered with reclaimed wood. It is a very current and interesting option for people concerned about the environment.


Roofs covered with wood, either recovered or can not be supported by beams. The wooden beam gives it a more rustic look and a good feeling of solidity.


The wood also has a good use in certain styles such as Nordic and contemporary creating very warm and cozy environments. And of course it lends itself very well to helping to give depth to this forgotten part of the house.


The elegance and sophistication are not at all at odds with the wood, even with the recovered, to show this fantastic and sophisticated bedroom with the ceiling covered with reclaimed wood and the chandelier hanging from it.


For the environments of industrial tendency also the roofs with wood that can be complemented with elements in cast iron or steel are perfect.


As we said before, wooden ceilings can have beams or not, the truth is that the beams are a structural element although they also have an ornamental facet and false beams can be placed when we are interested. They add strength and give a sense of security.


In some buildings are essential if we want to get a good effect, part clear of its structural need.


The coffered ceilings are a more elaborate form, usually used in luxury buildings such as churches and palaces. We can also use this resource to create a contrast and make the roof a point of attention.


They look great in classic and neoclassical environments, helping to make them look more elegant and sophisticated.


Another trend that we can take from the Nordic style is that of wood painted in white. It is very good in houses decorated with that style but also in rustic and Mediterranean airs. It is ideal for creating spacious, bright and fresh environments.


This small white capsule takes advantage of the warmth of the wood and its nature to give the feeling of great spaciousness to this room.


Combining boards painted in white and beams in the natural color of the wood is also possible and greatly helps to reduce the visual impact of the wood. It adds freshness and luminosity.



The beams in the wooden ceilings are also a good way to fill space when it comes to very high ceilings and thus create a particular aesthetic. In modern environments or industrial air we can combine wood with steel beams, it is a good combination.


Many people prefer wooden ceilings with beams because they help to break the monotony and give a feeling of robustness. The simple paneling gives the feeling that you can come over, but the beams give you security.


Smooth or with ornaments, that great dilemma also comes to mind with the ceilings paneled in wood. The same arrangement of the wooden boards can form a beautiful and original design.


On other occasions you can opt for ceilings decorated with drawings and ornamental patterns but without leaving that you can see that the ceiling is made of wood.


Wood is a good material to coat and give our roof a new and above all original appearance.

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