The transformation of a room

Without a doubt the room Daniel, in his Manhattan apartment, has undergone a transformation that has changed her completely.

The transformation of a room0

Let's take a look and learn how we can transform ours without spending so much money. Only little and in a short time you can transform a space completely. We cheer up ???
The before and after this room is very marked. It went from being a dark space, sad, without color and that at first sight seems really small to be a room that transmits tranquility, luminous and modern.

The transformation of a room1

The tips to transform your decor without spending a lot of money were:
1- Reorganize the furniture : although many times some believe that rearranging furniture does not make a difference, you can see in this example that this task changes everything. This will not cost you a euro, and you can change the decoration. We must maximize the space and locate each piece of furniture where it is best used according to the available space. What is against a wall, in the middle of the circulation, can go in a corner where it can be better used.
2- Change the color of the walls : in this case, white transforms everything. It gives a feeling of spaciousness, helps lighting and allows you to combine colors and textures in your furniture and accessories. In this case, walls and ceiling have been painted entirely in white. The same sense has been followed with the advantages and the openings. Everything is white and even the central lamp in the room has been purchased in white. To save, you can paint everything yourself. In a few hours of the weekend you can do it. Another thing you can use, with white as the base are decorative vinyl and you can make your own designs on the headboard, on the shelves or at the bottom of the desk.
3- Use different textures and types of fabrics : you can buy quilts, quilts, foot beds in different colors and textures, you will bring personality and color that will stand out with the white color that redefines it.
4- Pillows : you can improve the use of pillows. At night you only use them to sleep, but in the day you can make it a decorative object. You can buy some more pillows and combine the fabrics that you bought to decorate. The covers are what will help you to look.
5- Carpets : adding a carpet at the foot of the bed, oriental or modern style, is a very good and not very expensive detail. They will give a new sight to the ground. It will give a real and elegant touch to the room.

The transformation of a room2

The result, without a doubt, we can replicate it at home!

Source: apartmenttherapy

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