The symmetry in decoration

Often, in decoration, the symmetry attracts the look and the repetition becomes unique, outstanding and harmonious. The symmetrical arrangement aims to calm the gaze and bring order thus seeking calm and serenity. But do not think that the asymmetrical spaces are irritating! The arrangement of decorative elements symmetrically can take a classic and traditional air and therefore it can be fun to introduce then a slight asymmetry. We are going to see a series of decorations based on the use of symmetry.

Symmetry in home decoration 1

This kitchen is certainly not traditional, with its black cabinets and the island of white marble with light black streaks. The symmetry is provided by marble precisely because it has been used both for countertops and for the island and walls.

Symmetry in home decoration 2

A dark wall gives a luxurious appearance to the kitchen, the large central wardrobe creates a point of attraction that is accompanied by the two mirrors hanging in the side spaces.

Symmetry in home decoration 3

This kitchen decorated in an elegant rustic style takes advantage of the two glass sideboards to create a symmetrical and pleasant space. Between the sideboards there is a space that has been used to place a bank. Above him, three frames hanging in a triangle, symmetry does not mean placing everything in pairs.

Symmetry in home decoration 4

A living room like this requires an important attention to symmetry. The roof lines demand a very symmetrical decoration. The wood-lined wall softens the light and creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Symmetry in home decoration 5

A mixture of classic furniture and abstract art is a combination that requires a good use of symmetry in the rest of decorative elements that can compensate the visual imbalance.

Symmetry in home decoration 6

Symmetry in home decoration 7

Symmetry in home decoration 8

Symmetry in home decoration 9

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