The style of an architecture studio in Athens

An architecture studio whose name is Golden Ratio it could only occur in the country of Euclid, the first geometrician to define this famous relation called golden ratio, golden number or divine proportion. In Athens, capital of Greece, is where we can find this architecture studio.


The room for reception and exhibition of projects to the clients of the company is a cozy space formed by a continuous confluence of walls and roof covered with wood. The warmth of the material added to the angulation of the wall and ceiling contribute to create that intimate atmosphere.


The space is very original and is well defined in this image where we can guess the irregular pentagonal structure with the curious effect that creates the trapezoidal shelf.


But not everything is there, there are some more of these truncated volumes that create a dynamic and fluid environment.


Lighting also has a well-marked role in the creation of lines of symmetry and convergence. At the other end of the large table, however, we find a more regular shape than the other end of the room.


The hallmark of the company consists of three construction helmets that act as light fixtures. Underneath the logo is built with stainless steel screws. The detail of the prints of work boots is also very interesting.


Here we have the detail of the anagram constructed with the screws that is of great beauty and originality. A simple idea but very well put into practice.


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