The smallest museum in the world

The hollow of an old disused elevator hides the smallest museum in the world. And of course a small wonder like this can only be in that unique city in the world, where millions of people full of incredible restlessness inhabit, we speak clearly of the city of New York. There three friends met to found this unclassifiable museum that gathers small everyday objects that one can find in any corner walking through the great metropolis. Alex Kalman and the brothers Benny and Josh Safdie are restless characters of those who so much abound in the city of the artists, they are themselves because they have been doing a heterodox audiovisual project for several years that can be seen on their website.

Smallest museum in the world 1

In an old and narrow alley in the city of New York opens this tiny space where these artists who form the collective Red Bucket Films have accommodated this peculiar museum.

Smallest museum in the world 2

Smallest museum in the world 3

Surely we are shocked to see these everyday objects as components of a collection but we must make a small effort and try to understand their point of view. Art is everywhere, in any human production we can find even if only a few traces of art.

Smallest museum in the world 4

The space offered by the hollow of this old elevator has been used to the fullest, until the last square centimeter is useful space. The exhibition is divided into some permanent parts and others are collections that rotate.

Smallest museum in the world 5

The small museum even has a micro-space dedicated to the coffee shop area and souvenir shop related to the museum, as in all the museums of the world.

Smallest museum in the world 6

Smallest museum in the world 7

The smallest museum in the world 8

Smallest museum in the world 9

The objects that can be found in this museum are the most heterogeneous, from a collection of toothpaste tubes from around the world to the shoe that was thrown to Georges W. Bush during a press conference in 2008.

The smallest museum in the world 10

Smallest museum in the world 11

As any museum that boasts this also has a regular opening hours to the public but in this case, taking advantage of its small size have been planned openings in the door so that the walker can appreciate the collections of the museum even when it has its doors closed to the public.


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