The shabby chic style

Born in Great Britain and back in the 80s of the last century reached its peak among the wealthy classes of the country. It is based on the combination of new and old elements within the framework of the typical decoration of the British country houses. From there, he eventually moved to the United States, where he is currently a fashionable style, especially among the female consumer segment.

Shabby chic 8

In the most modern variants of this style there is a tendency to introduce furniture with straight lines combined with classic elements of the style. Natural raw materials are essential as well as the addition of some old and worn out element.

Shabby chic 7

The floral motifs can not be lacking in a shabby chic decoration. Fabrics printed with floral motifs can be used as decoration enhancement in neutral colors.

Shabby chic 6

Although the current trend makes the white color predominate in this decorative style we can also use other colors but always in pastel colors. The central idea of ​​the shabby chic is to achieve an elegant decoration using antique objects and furniture.

Shabby chic 5

And not only old but sometimes clearly deteriorated. As we can see in this bedroom the headboard of the bed has been created with a pair of wooden doors that look very worn.

Shabby chic 4

The white color is the basis on which to create a classically clean and natural environment. Never forgetting those touches and allusions to furniture that show the traces of his passage through the world.

Shabby chic 3

Warmth and transcendence while an exquisite taste for the elegant objects of our ancestors. It is a style that tries to create an atmosphere reminiscent of other times.

Shabby chic 2

Like all styles, the shabby chic also allows us to adapt it to our tastes and demands. We can choose the combinations of new and old elements more in line with our tastes and demands.

Shabby chic 1

Do not be afraid to combine furniture of different styles, finishes and colors or even from different periods. Wood and iron are raw materials that must always be present in any shabby chic decoration.


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