The sets of the Mad Men series

The award-winning television series Mad Men , go now for the four Golden Globes and fifteen Emmys, put all the television critics agree that the setting is excellent. The sets reflect with great fidelity the interior design of the 60s, decade in which the series is set.

Decorations of Mad Men 1

The sets of Mad Men They can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Take, for example, the offices of the characters, each one has its own style. Don Draper's office has wood paneled walls, short red brick curtains. Bert Cooper's office is full of works of art and retro pieces, while Roger Sterling's new office in futuristic style is simply stunning.

Decorations of Mad Men 2

Decorations of Mad Men 3

The houses also vary depending on the seasons and the characters in the series. First Don and Betty Draper live in a spacious, traditional and cozy house, then when the marriage breaks Don goes to live in a small apartment that reflects the personal bad time. In the fifth season of the series, Don Draper's new apartment that he shares with Megan's new wife is contemporary and elegant. Floor carpeted in white, open kitchen with bar and stools, lighting very studied and touches of color that provide the cushions of the sofa. The living room also has a large glass door, decorated with retro curtains and leading to the open terrace.

Decorations of Mad Men 4

Decorations of Mad Men 5

Decorations of Mad Men 6

To create an interior design inspired by the Mad Men series we have to opt for retro style furniture, with simple shapes and elegant lines. Choose retro patterns for wall coverings or curtains and upholstery. The color palette to recreate these environments will be: salmon, turquoise, mustard, olive oil and different shades of brown.


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