The return of the metallic headboards

For a long time, in times past, metal headboards were the most common choice for their durability and artistic possibilities. Now with the return of the taste for everything vintage is a good time to look at them again. These we have put together, metal headboards that are a good investment, will allow us to decorate and at the same time preserve its value for a long time when we do not multiply it.


An old metal headboard may require a good investment but of course it is a cost that will be maintained over time because it is difficult to deteriorate under normal conditions.


This case is perhaps extraordinary but of course it is a clear example of what we say. It is an old metal headboard in Spanish style that will certainly be worth his while but will not lose value.


This fantastic brass bed with its butterfly-shaped ornaments is also a clear example of the above.


This beautiful silver metal bed will look good in any style, whether classic or modern. Many of these headboards and beds can be used as a contrast piece in virtually all decorative styles.


This intricate brass headboard will perhaps be an ordeal at the time of dusting but it is charming and a real find.


Although this superb specimen with its elaborately ornamented does not remain of course to the margin.


This metal headboard made with engraved tin plates is so attractive that it will fit in any environment, in a contemporary style we see that it looks fantastic.


A sculptural bed made of wrought iron that is a work of art. Also, because of its strong character, we can use it in almost any style.


We could not forget the simpler styles, straight lines, which also fit perfectly in a modern environment.


This fantastic bronze bed with built-in canopy has an undeniable classic character and will look great in a vintage-style bedroom.


A curious combination of wood and metal that is extremely attractive.


But not everything will be headboards and classic metal beds, there are also examples of modern style and more recent development that look great.


A brass headboard, although modern, will look great in a classic-style bedroom.


This curious and original headboard is made with corrugated iron and a wooden frame. A DIY and economic version for a youthful air room.


Simplicity and clean lines is what this copy offers us for a contemporary style room.


This model of aged metal with rich geometric ornamentation can also be used for very different environments without any problem.


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