The race to be the greenest company

In some countries, a real war between companies has apparently broken out to see which one is the greenest. In Japan, a company has turned its office building into a real orchard, plants occupy the facade, the roof and even the interior of its facilities. In order to demonstrate their ecological spirit in this company have decided to fill with plants to the last square meter.

Ecological companies 1

The people who circulate on the street are already aware of the interest that the company has put in their efforts to be the greenest in the country. The exterior of the building is covered with vegetation.

Ecological companies 2

Green companies 3

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But the thing is not there, in the hall of the building has been installed on a raised bed a rice field. Above you can admire the different stages of growth and finally the harvest of rice. The maintenance tasks are carried out by the employees of the company as a way to relax and disconnect from work. These tasks have been reduced to the maximum since the crops are based on the latest techniques of hydroponic cultivation, automated irrigation and the creation of favorable environments for the different plants.


More than two hundred different species of vegetables are grown in different parts of the company, rice, lettuce, tomatoes and a very long etcetera occur in different parts of the premises.

Ecological companies 6

Different areas of the company for different functions, meeting areas, customer reception areas, use the crops as space separators.

Green companies 7

Kono Designs has been the company that has designed this spectacular and innovative design style of some offices. His idea has been to create a unique work environment that promotes productivity, mental health and social interaction of workers.


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