The Provencal style in 10 images

Decorating in Provencal style is perfect when we have a good architectural base that allows us to squeeze its possibilities to the fullest. It is a rustic style and as in all of them, the use of natural materials is very important but with that chic and sophisticated touch that reflects all the French ornamental art.


You have to consider very much what you are going to hide when you start from a good architectural base. In the Provencal style this has a great importance and it may be preferable to leave the house gear in sight and concentrate the effort to give it enough elegance in the furniture and accessories.


This year pastel colors such as blue 'Serenity' and rose 'Quartz' have been chosen as colors of the year by Pantone can not be more fashionable Provencal style. In it pastel colors are something natural and even consubstantial.


The crystal chandeliers are the basic and classic lighting in the Provencal style. Besides its use is not reduced to the typical placed on the dining table, on the contrary, they can be installed in any room.


The cabinets with glass doors are an essential element. They are typically used to store crockery and glassware but we can also use them to store linens for example.


The kitchen, as it could not be less in a French decorative style, has a great importance. It must be wide and with a lot of space to work that we can also take advantage of for a drink or breakfast with the family.


Textiles have an important function also in the Provencal style. They will be of classic air, white sheets, lace and pastel colors for curtains and bedspreads.


The decorative objects that are used to decorate the walls and furniture are usually objects that are not purely ornamental in principle, old dishes, jars, grinders and any old useful is fantastic as a decorative object.


The bathroom should include a good iron bathtub with legs or in your case a wonder like this magnificent tub in steel and copper. You should create a relaxed atmosphere in which you want to take a quiet bath while sipping a glass of wine.


In a sophisticated Provencal decoration there should be a golden element missing, be it a piece of furniture such as this beautiful reception table or a glass frame.


In the Provencal style there is room for all the vintage objects that we can imagine or achieve and, of course, they do not need any restoration, a basic cleaning and to shine with the splendor of their many years in any place where we place them.

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