The power of color

In the world of current design black and white are the most used color options to ensure success. The color of luxury is considered to be elegant and smooth, yet at the same time even first-class designers, artists and luxury brands have always used bright colors to stand out. It is not therefore a simple relationship between colors and elegance.

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Traditionally many luxury brands, Hemès, Versace, Carolina Herrera and others have been characterized by intense and striking colors as brand emblems. These years of predominance of Scandinavian minimalism has distorted us somewhat the vision of color and has led us to confuse elegance with neutral colors.

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Bright and luminous colors seem to have been identified, from that current of design, as typical of more primitive cultures. They would be the colors of nature, typical of the cultures closest to it, while black and white would be more typical of more civilized cultures.

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This absurd reductionism is having its point of return, nowadays bright colors are fashionable again. Trademarks, for example, have never renounced them because they know the psychological impact that color has on our minds.

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Designers, artists, architects and creatives in general are recovering vivid colors for their creations. So today we see more color in commercial and residential architecture, in interior design, art and installations, events, commerce and hospitality. We also see more color in products, from airplanes to articles of daily use and in marketing and communications as well.

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The culture of color has returned, which for people of Mediterranean origin is a blessing. The peoples of the south have a more intense perception of color, perhaps due to sunlight. We like bright colors more than people from the north, closer to soft colors and neutrals.

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Let's enjoy this rebirth of color, maybe we need an injection of optimism and energy that are what transmit the vivid and bright colors.


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