The pink quartz color in the Christmas decoration

To bid farewell to the year it might be a good idea to include this year's Pantone color in our Christmas decoration , before the organization unveils the new color for next year. It may seem a bit difficult to fit this rose quartz in the Christmas decoration but as you will see below it is possible to do it and successfully. The key is not to exaggerate and introduce it naturally and as a counterpoint to classic or more usual colors.


The small ornaments are a good way to introduce other colors such as rose quartz to our Christmas decoration. A tray or plate with golden, silver and pink spheres will look great in any corner of your home.


A subtle way to include rose quartz in Christmas decoration is the one used in this example. Pink ribbons to tie and decorate this fantastic wreath of conifer branches.


This spectacular crown of Christmas spheres undoubtedly includes the rose quartz without any problem.


The Christmas table can also be a good place to introduce this pastel pink tone. The crockery or the accessories are a good solution.


This charming Christmas village is a very easy way to include pastel colors in the Christmas decoration in a natural way.


Pillows are a resource that never fails to introduce new colors. This pink pillow with Christmas message is perfect on this blue sofa.


The rose quartz will give our Christmas tree an adorable feminine air.


The pink pineapples that have been added to the white garland combine very well with the gift packages deposited under the tree.


We can also find Easter flowers in this lovely rose in addition to the most common red and white.


And as you finish this spectacular Christmas tree totally pink quartz.

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