The perfect receiver

Illuminated, spacious and cozy. This is how it is receiver . Each of its accessories, furniture and others has been carefully planned.


Upon entering this home, the hall already gives us a finished idea of ​​the decor and the style of this home.
With a space designed for everything, and the tastes of their owners embodied in the pictures, the colors of the rugs, cushions and other upholstery. As well as the style of the furniture and the detail of the floor, they make this receiver a welcome space to the perfect home.

Observe the detail of the flowers and natural plants both on the side of the door on the outside, and when entering the home. A storage space next to the door and a rest area entering only a few meters inside.

When you see it, you imagine yourself arriving home from a hard day's work and sitting next to the children in the hall to tell us the news of the day while they bring us the slippers and we all go as a family to share the table ... Is not it an adorable idea ??? That is just what we should all look for with the decor , transform it into cozy and personal, like this receiver .

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