The paper for the walls is trend

Just a couple of years ago the simple thought of putting paper on the walls . We all remember the typical house of the aunt or the grandmother we used to go to when we were children and who was papered with motives of the most diverse; from simple flowers, through geometric themes to a little less than rococo style and overloaded in which you could find even suede papers in scarlet and black. Of course, q If the paper for the walls is a trend, you do not mean that it has anything to do with what we knew. On the contrary, it promises to become a glamorous way to complement the minimalist style or to be part of a studied modernism.
Modern and daring paper for walls :
On the way to the modernization of the paper of the walls we can find geometrical figures in the same way as in the past. Although it is true that it avoids typical colors such as green or brown because they give an impression of the marginality of space, we can dare to perpendicular stripes of different shades from light to dark , especially for the living room. We can also record our devotion towards the sixties by buying vinyls in the form of circles that we will place overlapping in strategic areas of the walls (namely, at the upper or lower ends but never in the center of the room).

Paper for the walls with geometric figures

In the case of the kitchen everything is different because in this space of the house tend to be essential tiles and walls easy to clean since in the case of putting paper on the walls there is a risk that this will be stained or degrade. However, it does not hurt to use paper in certain areas away from the stoves as the rest of the walls can be , or, the use of templates.

Kitchen with an original paper on the walls

This type of decorations give a lot of play but, for those who intend to go a step further, the following proposal will delight them. It is a kitchen Kitsch revised for the occasion. A paper on the walls that evokes the past with its table and chairs typical of the sixties . It has no waste.

Kitsch kitchen with paper on the walls

Neobarroco: paper trends for walls :
In the case of renovated baroque style -We will call it Neobarroco -, the role of the walls follows a clear trend in which the tribal figures as well as floral elements with contrasts between black and white . This type of paper on the walls will be ideal in a house whose plateresque style can be seen in the furniture and walls. It also requires large spaces since this type of decoration dwarfs the rooms .

Paper for Neobarroco walls

Paper for walls for children's rooms :
It is a resource that has never stopped being used. The imagination develops from the first months of life and babies react to any stimulus in the form of color or human and animal figure. Thus, the proposal that we have prepared for the youngest is focused on that the smallest learn to distinguish colors in a pleasant environment . Being such bright walls you can choose to buy all the furniture in a white tone or opt for polychromy as in the picture .

Children's room with paper on the walls

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