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The stay dedicated to the study will be quiet so as to create a favorable climate for work, reading and relaxation. This space can be presented in the form of a library, although this provision is used only in classic homes. In more modern spaces, books tend to be placed in the living room or in the corridor, even in the dining room, often due to lack of space. This is a quite indicated solution, although these spics do not provide the necessary tranquility and isolation in a workspace.

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The library becomes a decorative space by itself, since the books confer a color that floods the walls covered with shelves and give rise to a space of curious aesthetic interest.
If we also have various objects on the shelves and dedicate a wall to display pictures and plates, we will have a decoration obtained with elements that in this case we can qualify as functional. Audiovisual equipment, discs, DVDs, etc. can also be part of the library. We can turn this space into a classicist ambience with traditional wooden shelves or let ourselves be carried away by creativity introducing metal or glass shelves, which can be lighter and therefore less visible, and which provide a space less associated with the rigidity and seriousness of the classical library. If we have a high-rise space, we have to think about installing a staircase, which will be more comfortable if it moves along a rail and that will allow us to easily reach the books located higher.

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If this is not our case, we will think about the possibility of building a sliding shelf, so that it moves to allow access to the rear shelf, located against the wall.

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Accompanying the shelves comfortable chairs for reading and, if necessary, a desk type office where to work. For this purpose, the bureaus are very useful, which due to their large number of drawers allow us to order many items in a small space. If we work at home or have a lot of documentation, a piece of furniture with shutters or sliding doors will be very suitable for archiving all kinds of documents.

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We must pay close attention to the lighting of the shelves, for which we will place small lamps in the front of the shelves or spotlights stuck in the ceiling that directly focus the shelves. For the reading and work area, detailed lighting will be more appropriate by means of an adjustable floor or table lamp that allows us to adapt the light to our needs.

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In conclusion, you should:
  • Create a relaxed and comfortable environment that encourages work.
  • Place comfortable armchairs next to the shelves, which allow a pleasant reading.
  • Take advantage of non-specific elements of the offices, such as music equipment or televisions, to enrich the decoration.

You should never:

  • Place libraries in the office when space is reduced.
  • Neglecting the lighting of the shelves where you will place the books.
  • Place the work table in an area away from the source of natural light.

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