The office in the garden

If you are one of those lucky ones who can work from home and also have a house with a garden or patio you will surely be interested in this article. There is a current tendency in some countries to build the office in the garden. It is a way of working from home without being at home. By having your own space and separated from the home, even if only by a few meters, it will allow us to perform our work better and more efficiently.

Design offices in the garden 1

I think it's a very interesting option for people who work at home. You do not want to when you go to work in the garden you break a series of ties that usually affect you in your work at home, from the outset you have left home and you find yourself in another physical space. The Ecospace WorkPod It is designed as a module to work , with a large window to not feel constrained by space.

Design offices in the garden 2

Archipod she is a curious spherical structure that is perfectly integrated in any corner of the garden. And inside it has much more space than it seems.

Design offices in the garden 3

This peculiar futuristic looking module that can be used as much as office space as guest room It has a name as unique as its appearance, dmvA's Blob VB3.

Design offices in the garden 4

This insulation cube occupies very little space and is soundproof , a place of work so that our productivity is not disturbed by noise or visual distractions. Although the weak point of the OfficePod Maybe it's your giant shower stall appearance.

Design offices in the garden 6

If we do not have space problems in our garden we can install this little marvel, the Garden Studio is soundproof and equipped with electricity and all kinds of connections , it can also be equipped with a small kitchen or a bathroom.

Photos: design-milk

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