The Nordic style room by room

The Nordic or Scandinavian style or in home decoration is very popular right now. And for good reason! It has a great charm and appeal for people who love white and minimalism. It also has a vintage touch that is also very fashionable. It is a simple style that also does not require much maintenance. Let's see how the Nordic style works room by room.


You will find inspiration here to decorate each of the rooms in your home in this beautiful decorative style.


Clean and straight lines, the receiver must have the necessary furniture and utensils in order to be functional.


The living room or living room needs a white background where the furniture stands out. Basically these will be the main protagonists.


White wood or light natural tone. Open shelves and white walls and floors are essential ingredients for a Nordic kitchen.


The dining room can be as simple as the one above but you must have the necessary elements. Author chairs like these Eames will not hurt.


The room or bedroom should follow the familiar pattern, white and wood above all, but it should also be comfortable, cozy and elegant.


The bathroom must first of all be functional. Geometric shapes are a good way to decorate our Nordic bathroom. For this, there is nothing like resorting to modern toilets of geometric shapes.


The laundry room, which in many Nordic countries is included in the bathroom, should also be fundamentally practical.


The office must be clear, especially the desk. Order and cleanliness are basic aspects of Nordic style decoration.

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