The Nordic decoration

Lately, both those who are decoration enthusiasts and those who are not so much, you have heard about the Nordic style, and now it is more fashionable than ever.

Nordic style decoration 1

It is a style that captivates by the elegance of its shapes, colors and textures and is what makes it a safe bet and makes it always topical. He prefers especially white and wood. Wood in its floors and walls and white furniture is its premise, giving the touch and the note of color in paintings, cushions and other auxiliary elements.

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Nordic style decoration 3

Fabrics take center stage in this style. Cozy materials such as wool, cotton and even crochet are used and this is where the color is present, making the elements that contain it stand out.

Nordic style decoration 4

We will know how to differentiate a Nordic style when we see it, because, although for tastes the colors, this style tries to transmit peace and tranquility, and the truth is that it achieves it.

Its furniture are elements made with natural wood, almost without any type of lacquering, old-looking woods, or recycled pieces are those that give that touch of comfort and warmth that make these stays unique.

Nordic style decoration 5

Another the premises of this style is to look for the practical. They look for storage at the same time as simplicity and refined spaces. This is how they convert the rooms of a Nordic house into unique and functional spaces. This functionality is intended in all corners, and is achieved with elements that fulfill this function but decorating your stay at the same time.

Nordic style decoration 6

Nordic style decoration 7

Pieces that fulfill different functions are characteristics of this style. Tables with drawers, consoles that make desk or bargueños that act as dressers or receivers.

Naturalness is also sought, and is achieved in the decorative objects that adorn the house. Candle holders are traditional and almost essential, as are natural indoor plants, flowers and other objects made of natural materials such as cork, wicker or cane.

Nordic style decoration 8

Nordic style decoration 9

Nordic style decoration 10

These objects are what really put the touch of distinction and welcome that this style has. Finally, it can be said that carpet is used a lot to give even more warmth to the floor and the room.

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