The Nautilus house dazzles

Today in Guide to Decorate , we invite you to get to know a dazzling house, a design house that invites you to dream and feel again like when we were little.

The Nautilus house dazzles-01

Is " Nautilus ", A house that when entering, takes us to a different world.
Nautilus "It is the work of the architect Javier Senosiain. Javier is Mexican and his house is located in Naucalpan, Mexico.
Nautilus "Was born in 2006, and was developed by himself. It is a project that he called "organic", since when entering this house because of the shape and its design one feels in the middle of nature.
To escape from the "jungle of concrete" in which we are all living, Javier Senosiain made this corner his place in the world.
Peace, tranquility, balance, design ... a mixture of sensations to see " Nautilus " We invite you to enjoy it ...

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