The most important decorative styles

This small compilation of the most important styles in decoration is not more than a reduced guide of what takes more in the actuality. This is not an obstacle for each person to combine elements of one style or another with each other, taking the things that they like best from one style or another.

Decorative styles 1

The classic style or traditional is characterized by the use of furniture of rounded shapes made of solid wood. Ornamental moldings, columns and panels are other common elements in this style.

Decorative styles 2

The style rustic It can be used both in the countryside and in the city and is characterized by the use of simple and clean surfaces made of natural materials. Exposed beams, wood and stone are the most important elements of this style.

Decorative styles 3

Simple, linear forms that seek functionality, above all fleeing from all superfluous ornament, are the fundamental characteristics of the modern style .

Decorative styles 4

In style vintage the most important thing is the reuse and recovery of furniture and antique elements to create an environment with a clear retro flavor of past decades.

Decorative styles 5

The natural style Its essential component is the raw materials with which the decorative elements have been manufactured. All of them must be natural, vegetable fibers for carpets, wood and leather for furniture and other decorative objects.

Decorative styles 6

The eclectic style It would be like a kind of tailor's box where solutions of all other styles fit. That is why it is one of the styles that requires more knowledge and taste because it can easily fall into the absurd.

Decorative styles 7

The Scandinavian style it is based on the recreation of the styles of the countries of northern Europe, straight lines and pure forms. Pragmatism and functionality, wooden floors and white walls are like the fundamental commandments of the Scandinavian style.

Decorative styles 8

At zen style the inspiration comes from the East, specifically drinks from the sources of Japanese design sifted by the guidelines of the North American designers who have been its great champions. Minimalism and stoicism are its keys, the superfluous is avoidable.

Decorative styles 9

At industrial style The basic reference is the industrialism of the early twentieth century and its basic materials iron and cement, bricks seen and polished metal surfaces. Usually combines well with elements of other styles, vintage, modern and Scandinavian especially.


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