The most common mistakes in bedroom decoration

The bedroom is the room of our house dedicated to the nocturnal rest, but that most of the time that we spend in it is in a state of suspended consciousness as it is the dream does not imply that it must be decorated in any way. The bedroom is also the place of love and the space to meditate on our decisions, that of things that we consult with the pillow!

Errors in the decoration of the room

The bedroom also has the character of a refuge, where do we take refuge when something disturbs us? Where are we going to cry but embrace a pillow? It is a much more complex space than it can appear at first sight, so it deserves us to reconsider seriously about its decoration.

Let's see what are the most common mistakes that can disturb that haven of peace that must be every bedroom:

  • The "full bedrooms" in which the manufacturer provides us all the furniture of the same line to decorate the room, we must escape from that easy solution. It's about combining furniture and not cloning. Search for yourself the different components to create a custom bedroom.
  • A mountain of pillows , an exaggerated number of them is only a complication and a nuisance because you have to waste a lot of time placing them and removing them. Also aesthetically remains horrible, one forgets the rest of the elements that make up the bedroom and only sees a huge pile of pillows.
  • Inadequate lighting , the typical lamps on bedside tables can be insufficient, reading lamps arranged correctly will allow us to read comfortably in bed.
  • A cheap mattress You can get us out of the way and save us some money but in the long run it is a terrible choice. A good mattress is essential for rest and also will be more beneficial for health. Precisely the mattress is the last element of those that make up a bedroom in which we should skimp.
  • Strong colors , they may be fashionable but not in the bedroom. In this piece, only relaxing colors should enter to facilitate relaxation and peace of mind.
  • Television It has become an essential element in many bedrooms but many people think that it is not the right place for it, reading is much more relaxing before sleep than watching an action movie or the terrible news.


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