The mosaics are worn

Everyone wants to renew the decoration of their home from time to time, we all feel the need to change the environment that surrounds us. While it is true that a room can give a radical change by replacing the color of the wall or the tableware: cushions, sofa cover, curtains, carpet ... but in the case of the kitchen or bathroom is more difficult.

I propose an option with infinite possibilities that, years ago, we boxed like old fashioned but now it comes back renewed and going strong. I refer to mosaics that have improved their materials by introducing a wide variety of materials and colors. Normally they are used in bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools, but they give much more of themselves. The results will surprise you. Let's see some beautiful ideas so you can imagine what would be the ideal for you.

Decorate with mosaics 1

Girls, who do not dare to take a relaxing bath in this pink environment. The magenta and white tones create a fabulous mosaic that surrounds the bathtub. I love the front tiles in pastel pink and, above all, that texture in relief that creates such suggestive waves.

Decorate with mosaics 2

We continue with the bathrooms. This magnificent attic bathroom is covered in its entirety by a glass mosaic decoration that reflects light creating a mirror effect. This marvel uses as a technique a gradient of the blue color that ends in a floor in brown tones. Great!

Decorate with mosaics 3

In the kitchens, it is used to decorate the space between the low and high furniture. I have chosen to show this simple composition in black with bright light stones randomly placed that provide a shining brightness thanks to the contrast.

But do not doubt that the compositions go much further, being able to create drawings, images or phrases.

Decorate with mosaics 4

To finish this beautiful stepped waterfall covered by a mosaic different from the typical one that we see in the majority of smooth blue swimming pools, it is appreciated to see originality and decoration that thinks in all the details, no?

And you, do you dare to put a mosaic in your life?

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