The Moroccan style to decorate the house

If your thing is to give an exotic touch to the decoration of your home you can not stop seeing what we bring you today. These images will serve you well to give a Moroccan air to your decor. Exoticism, elegance and sophistication in equal parts that you can also graduate at will.


That charming little corner with its arch and moldings and lots of cushions is perfect in this contemporary environment.


Same as this bathroom, modern and clear lines but well complemented by the iconic elements of the Moroccan style.


This living room has all the elements of the Moroccan style in a wise combination that makes it very modern and modern.


Another beautiful corner of reading or resting with the lines and details typical of the Moroccan style but in neutral colors.


But color has great significance and forms an important part of the style. This aquamarine blue, worn and dingy, is perfect with the beautiful bathtub and other elements that make up the decoration of this bathroom.


Sometimes, as on this occasion, it is not necessary to use moldings and architectural elements. We will suffice with the appropriate textiles and some furniture of clear Moroccan flavor.


As we are seeing, the different shades of blue are of great importance in this style but we can also use other colors like this fantastic purple or burgundy red.


Beautiful color and fun niches with a whole collection of arches.


The distinctive furniture makes us a lot easier to decorate in Moroccan style. This fantastic piece of furniture can be included in the decoration of any style, if only to give a different touch.


Or this beautiful mirror full of graphics and geometry, two keys of the Moroccan style.


A typical table for mint tea, a carpet and a few cushions are enough to create a rest area in the garden.


Textiles are another key element. This wonderful quilt that looks like an authentic rug.


Or this quilt typical of the trousseaux of the brides of the North African area. If we like the ethnic, all this will be irresistible.


A simple Moroccan blanket on the bed is enough to convey that exotic touch we are looking for.


The tiles with geometric designs and the classic Moroccan style colors can be used in the bathroom.


Although also in the kitchen. Here we can reserve them only for the front of the wet area and include them in a more minimalist style.


In the staircase will also be fantastic as we see here. Especially if we can combine them with noble wood and wrought iron.


The typical lamps of the Moroccan style can be metal or glass. These purple lanterns look great in this outdoor living room.


The work of the typical metal of the North African area is well known and recognized worldwide. They are exotic and colorful pieces that we can use in a Moroccan decoration or introduce in an eclectic environment.


And we can also opt for works like these, purely geometric, without color, which we can include as a wake-up call in any style.

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