The modern transformation of a small patio

Creating a living space in your garden transforming a part of it into a small patio will allow you to enjoy the outdoor life in your own home. It's a great idea and does not require as much work or as much investment as you could at first believe. If you are minimally skilled at DIY, most of the work you can do yourself.

Modern patio 1

I recommend that you draw a plan of your garden to trace all your ideas about it, so when you go to capture them you will have enough livestock. A space like the one we show you is perfectly planned and the rest area has been established in a corner of the garden, it is the best place as long as your garden is not immense. So you do not leave dead spaces behind the seats.

Modern patio 2

The back will be the ideal place to arrange the taller plants, trees or shrubs, as this will help you create a more intimate and personal space.

Modern patio 3

The sofa as you see is made of stone, it is quite simple and economical to do it with concrete blocks that can then be covered with stone tiles as in the example or with another cheaper coating. In the center an old stone trough has been recovered and it has become a polyvalent element. Well for fire, fridge and coffee table.

Modern patio 4

Of course it is a fantastic idea that can be done by recovering old materials or new construction. You will have a point of attraction for your summer evenings, your friends and family will have a great time here.

Modern patio 5

Water is the other essential element to create a complete outdoor resting space, the relaxing sound of water is always the best background music.

Modern patio 6

And to soften the concrete and stone nothing like growing small plants around it. A green and natural touch that contrasts with the hardness of the construction material.

Modern patio 7

For the comfort of us and our visitors, we can only include a good assortment of cushions and pillows so that sitting on our work sofa does not become a torture.

Modern patio 8

And the final complement, a kitchen area so that our life experience in the patio is fully satisfactory. A luxury for the seasons of good weather, a pleasant place to live outdoors.


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