The Michelle Obama style in the Christmas decoration of the White House

Since Michelle Obama came to the White House has not stopped revolutionizing and innovate. Always imposing its style and personality, the preparation and decoration for the end of the year parties of the White House were no exception.
He gave each corner its unique touch while retaining the original style, elegant but always simple.

The Michelle Obama style 10

The decoration was presented in society in a traditional ceremony and all eyes of the world were centered there.
A decoration in which red and gold predominated; two colors of the most traditional to which Michelle Obama has recycled and released for the holidays.
Simple but outstanding decorations, the perfect combination of lights and textures. Also, the traditional ritual of building the house was fulfilled. This year the White House was held in chocolate and even took into account the detail of the main dining room, the famous garden of the Obama family and the new mascot of the White House.
We leave you with these photos to enjoy this Christmas decoration worthy of being imitated at home.

The Michelle Obama style

The Michelle Obama style 1

The style Michelle Obama 2

The Michelle Obama 3 style

The style Michelle Obama 4

The Michelle Obama style 5

The Michelle Obama style 6

The style Michelle Obama 7

The Michelle Obama style 8

The Michelle Obama style 9

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