The marble in the bathroom

When one thinks of a luxurious and stylish bathroom, the first option that comes to mind is that it is covered in marble. This classic interior decoration is still the most elegant and sophisticated option to decorate a bathroom. Its delicate veining and the great variety of colors in which this stone occurs in nature allow us to choose the most suitable for our decoration.

Marble for the bathroom 1

In modern decoration, marble in white and gray is the right choice, its design and ability to reflect light will make any bathroom an expression of luxury and good taste. In the bathroom the marble can be used almost for any function, from covering floors and walls to countertops, sinks, shower trays and bathtubs.

Marble for the bathroom 2

Marble is offered in such a variety of cuts and colors that it will be difficult not to find the one that suits our specific needs. Although we have said that white and gray are the most current colors within modern decorative trends we can also find black, green, red and brown marble. Also, by its nature, marble can be combined in different colors.

Marble for the bathroom 3

The marble is a timeless coating, never out of fashion and with proper maintenance, certainly very low, we can enjoy it for a long time. Unlike tiles, the joints between the marble slabs are minimal, which represents a great relief when it comes to cleaning and care.

Marble for the bathroom 4

Marble, used by humanity since time immemorial, is still an option as elegant and luxurious now as in old Greece and classical Rome. A decorative resource that continues with us after millennia of use.


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