The magic of vintage in the Scandinavian style

Because of his eclecticism, Scandinavian style allows us to use accessories and objects from an amalgam of varied styles. In this way we can create a range of styles that, without leaving the Nordic, reflect a wide range of decorative possibilities. In this case we will discover how to use rustic and vintage elements on a typically Nordic decoration basis.

Vintage and Scandinavian style 1

We can start by salvaging old or disused furniture. All that furniture whose paint has been detached over the years will come in handy to give these spaces the vintage touch we are looking for. Since white is a basic color in this style, it can not be missing. Forget about giving hands paint or varnish: it takes the tarnished and everything that shows the imprint of the passage of time. The Scandinavian feel this type of accessories very well.

Vintage and Scandinavian style 2

If your house has an industrial structure (very high ceilings, beams that can be seen, metal pipes) forget about the reforms and take full advantage of this type of space. We add wooden furniture and some metalized complement and get a very attractive fusion of styles.

Any detail, however small, can be used to mark the style of a room. For example, an iron bed makes a difference in this bedroom bathed in white and decorated with all the good taste and delicacy of the Nordic.

Vintage and Scandinavian style 3

Vintage and Scandinavian style 4

More vintage details: suitcases, trunks, screens, discolored furniture and, above all, a simplicity that highlights the most special aspects of the room. As you can see, the Scandinavian vintage can become a decorative style more by itself.

Vintage and Scandinavian style 5


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