The luminous interiors by Katrin Cargill

Katrin Cargill is an English interior designer who for more than 18 years has designed corners as luminous and natural as these. The simplicity and naturalness of his compositions has become one of his main hallmarks. His style seeks, above all, the comfort of simplicity.

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The textile elements are very present in their decorations. Cargill uses many fabrics in his designs. He likes fabrics with different prints, light and bright colors, and more especially flowers. In his designs there is a very characteristic taste for the bucolic and rustic interiors, very similar to the interiors of the English rustic houses.

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His compositions shine as much for the soft colors used as for the innocent charm that they give off. The bedrooms we see are charming rooms that seek to create a simple and extremely pleasant space that invites relaxation. They are classic interiors with a stylized 'retro' point.

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Predominantly white, blue, pink, yellow, green and soft red. His color palette is varied and warm, fresh and relaxing. Use natural textures such as the aforementioned fabrics and more traditional elements such as chairs and wooden headboards, wicker baskets, vases, flowers ... All this creates a very particular universe with the undoubted charm of simplicity.

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