The 'low cost' homes of Obox Housing

Finding a home adapted to our needs and, above all, affordable to the pocket, has become in recent times one of the main concerns of many people. Signatures like Obox Housing begin to raise new housing solutions low cost For all tastes and budgets. Obox homes are habitable reinforced concrete modules , with a size that can vary from 18 square meters and up.

The housing of Obox Housing 1

Obox Housing , the company of the Spanish architect Ricardo Antón , and the industrial engineer Joaquín Granero They are the main creators and promoters of this interesting initiative that is having a very good reception in countries of Ibero-America, Russia and the Middle East.

The homes of Obox Housing 2

The homes of Obox Housing 3

Single-family homes, blocks of buildings, hotels, public buildings and residences are the main Obox solutions in the field of industrialized construction. They can include one or more heights, depending on the preferences of each one, and the surface of these constructions has a modernized and very versatile design.

The housing of Obox Housing 4

The housing of Obox Housing 5

Their houses of 50m2 are ideal as housing for campsites or to place in small plots, while houses of up to 150 square meters are perfect as a family home, with all the necessary usability guarantees. The realization of custom homes is one of the main strengths of this company, and its vaulted ceiling its most characteristic hallmark.

The homes of Obox Housing 6

The homes of Obox Housing 7


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