The light and color of a Brazilian house

When she moved to this house in São Paulo, the decorator Silvia Adami was living a very happy moment in her life, her first granddaughter, Sofía, was just born. And she wanted to celebrate this event with beautiful colors, innovative ideas and joy. The color is a constant in the work of Silvia Adami. "But I can also make a neutral house. In that case, I use light colors, "he says. That's what he did in his granddaughter's room, in his daughter's house he decorated the whole environment in pale tones like the baby. "Blond, blue-eyed," he says, smiling. For Silvia, who has studied feng shui in the United States, color is more than a mere adornment, she uses it to drive energy, create environments full of calm. "Wisdom is needed in the mixes. If the wall of the bed can have a strong hue, the front asks for something softer and reassuring, "he teaches us.


The entrance of the house is decorated with bright and cheerful colors. Through the curtain you can see the large number of plants that receive visitors when they arrive at the designer's house.



Nature and color, tropical exuberance. The natural materials and plants create a living and natural environment that contrasts with the strong and varied colors that dress the whole house.



A charming house that transmits just what the designer intended, life, joy and warmth. It is a very human and vital house, like the creator herself.



It has a lot of character and seeing this decoration one almost senses the enormous natural force that must surround this house. A house that we imagine surrounded by an emerald forest, full of life, full of strength and not suitable for weak hearts.


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