The latest in functional and fun interior design

The interior design is a world in constant evolution, designers try to meet the needs of their customers, but sometimes create new needs that sooner or later find an echo among the public. One can find solutions for even the most unprecedented needs, both functionally and entertaining. Can it be fun and functional? interior design ? Yes, of course, as long as we have enough space and we are willing to assume the costs. We show you below several decorative solutions that can solve very special needs.

Interior design 1

This solution is clear that it is totally playful, the need to move from one plane to another of the house is already covered with the staircase that we see in the background. But if space allows it and one can assume the cost of this fun slide, why not? Surely the kids have a good time and the adults too.

Interior design 2

Being able to have open spaces is almost a necessity nowadays, but sometimes an open space can be annoying and uncomfortable. In order to solve these drawbacks of open spaces, these sliding walls have been designed. At a given moment we can have an open space and the next moment we can separate the rooms with any comfort.

Interior design 3

The open kitchens are charming and very modern but definitely impractical. Cooking involves odors, fumes and dirt and whether or not we want a closed kitchen always reduces those problems. This semi-open kitchen is a magnificent solution to these problems with the glass corner allows the relationship between the inhabitants of the kitchen and those of the living room without smells and fumes scattered throughout the house.


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