The lamps of Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille is known worldwide for the designs of his lamps. This industrial designer born in 1922 and died in 1988 was trained as a goldsmith at the School of Applied Arts in Paris. There he had as a teacher the goldsmith and sculptor Gilbert Lacroix with whom he would later work after graduating in 1941.

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 1

In 1945 he began teaching as a teacher at the same school where he was trained. He also started making lamps and wall sconces in his own metallurgy workshop. In 1953 Jacques Adnet hired him to design lamps. During the decade of the 50s is when he made most of the designs that would make him famous.

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 2

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 3

These floor, ceiling or wall lamps with shapes inspired by insects were in principle a replica of the design of Italian lamps of the time, as Serge Mouille himself said. His minimalist designs and made in black painted metal soon found echo among people interested in modern design.

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 4

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 5

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 6

When he exhibited his pieces together with Noguchi and Prové at the Steph Simon Gallery in Paris they immediately attracted attention and for example the actor Henry Fonda brought Serge Mouille's first lamp to the United States. His designs, so simple, made of straight lines and pronounced angles have the extraordinary capacity of, like true insects, to live in any environment. No matter the style in which a room is decorated, a lamp by Serge Mouille will never be out of place.

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 7

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 8

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 9

Serge Mouille designs adopted multiple forms, designed hanging lamps with two, three and even more arms. Wall sconces like his famous "Spider" with multiple arms. Table lamps, floor lamps, a huge variety of beautiful and fascinating lamps that only have one drawback, its high price, beyond the reach of mere mortals.

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 10

Design lamp by Serge Mouille 11

For the lovers, without possible, of these beautiful designs we will always have the images and some other replica much cheaper than the original.


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