The Lake Smith House in Alabama

This special housing is located in Silverock Cove (Alabama, USA), next to Lake Lewis Smith. It is located in a small natural enclave and surrounded by forest. Its interior does not detract either: built in pine wood, it seems to merge perfectly with the environment that shelters it.

With a sober decoration, which seeks comfort and peace above all, the living room invites to rest and contemplate the landscape from one of its sofas. The decoration is complemented with utensils made of wicker, perfect for this wild style.

Cabin on the lake 1

The kitchen, rustic in appearance, is deployed in an L shape, allowing cooking without space problems and in a collected environment. It is complemented by a large wooden table illuminated by a pendant lamp, but especially by the natural light that filters through the windows.

Cabin on the lake 2

Detail of one of the decoration accessories, made by hand, and that fits perfectly with the concept of this home, ideal for a break and rest. The metal railing leads to the bedrooms.

Cabin on the lake 3

The views from the master bedroom are spectacular. The simplicity and comfort that flows from the decoration is special to immerse yourself in an environment of peace and tranquility. The color chosen to decorate the bed, in white and cream, is the most successful.

Cabin on the lake 4

The extra room has a more casual and youthful decoration. The position of the bed under the window favors the rest and helps to reconcile with nature.

Cabin on the lake 5

Appearance of some decorative details. We have looked for simplicity and ecological-looking ornaments, on the one hand, and vintage accessories, on the other. A little house, in short, to get away from the madding crowd.

Cabin on the lake 6

Cottage on Lake 7

Cabin on Lake 8


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