The interior style of a wine bar in Switzerland

Creativity and ingenuity when decorating a business can also be the best claim to attract the public. Building a striking and charming aesthetic is one of the aspects that every good merchant has to take into account, because he knows that this way he will be able to add more clients.

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 1

Some resort to their own criteria and others prefer the help of an interior studio to stylize their business with greater care. Such is the case of this lovely wine cellar located in Zurich (Switzerland), named " Albert Reichmuth " Their owners resorted to the autochthonous study OOS to design the amazing interior space.

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 2

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 3

In this space we find 1,500 boxes of unmarked wooden wine, placed by modules throughout the length and breadth, from the floor to the ceiling. A great idea that, as you can see, gives this wine shop a unique charm. A pleasure for the senses thanks to the aroma of the wood used and, of course, the wine.

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 4

The idea is based on creating different storage areas to display bottles, organized by regions and crops, so that lovers of this drink can browse at will and easily locate their searches.

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 5

There is also space for a large tasting area, where the sommeliers can taste different denominations of origin in a spectacular environment that captures the senses, especially olfactory and gustatory. Delicacy and care for detail is what emanates this beautiful wine bar, a place to visit for all those who love this exquisite drink.

Interior decoration of a wine cellar 6


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