The interior of the Casa de la Huerta

"Orchard House" ("La Casa de la Huerta"), a project of the architecture firm Arch11 , is located in Boulder (Colorado, United States). The work won in 2010 the Honor Award for Interiors of the American Institute of Architects of Northern Colorado and stands out for an organization and hyperminimalist use of its space.

A house with own style 1

In the lobby stands out the red glazing of the staircase, the amplitude and the entrance of light through its large windows. The little furniture used, modernist dyes, leaves no doubt about this search for a simple space, dominated by volume, high ceilings and bare walls. Just a couple of colors are used; A detail of color seems to be enough for each room, but with splendid results. In interior design, in this case, the use of different textures is preferable to coloring. The detail of the fireplace in the living room, for example, practically hidden, is sublime.

A house with its own style 2

A house with its own style 3

A house with its own style 4

In the kitchen white is materialized in furniture and tiling. It is spacious, with long corridors that take us from one place to another and allow us to cook at ease. It has opted for a wooden finishing furniture that combines the clarity and darkness of its surface in a very interesting way.

A house with its own style 5

A house with its own style 6

A house with its own style 7

The bathroom also stands out for its spaciousness, nudity and a single piece of furniture that covers almost an entire wall, elegant, practical and beautiful. The bathtub, modernist in style, allows to enjoy splendid relaxing baths at the same time that the landscape is shown by a wide window.

A house with its own style 8

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