The interior of a traditional farm in Belgium

This farm that today we bring you is located in the center of Belgium, on an area of ​​22,000 square meters of private land. Discovering this little gem is like going back in time, especially because of its external appearance, although not because of the comforts you enjoy: to this cottage It does not lack anything to be an enviable home. Currently lives in it a couple, along with their geese, geese, chickens and other animals typical of this type of farms.

The decoration of a farm in Belgium01

The house is 400 years old and therefore has undergone several renovations over the years, although it maintains intact the craft spirit with which it was built in the seventeenth century. This can be seen in its walls and architectural details, witnesses of the lives of so many ancestors. It is amazing how this house is maintained, which really seems to move us to that period prior to the Industrial Revolution, with its gas stove, oven, huge fireplaces and its charming rustic furniture (although modernized to the current taste, from then).

The decoration of a farm in Belgium02

The decoration of a farm in Belgium03

The decoration of a farm in Belgium04

The beauty of its wooden doors or oak beams are another of the jewels of the crown of this beautiful house with so many years of history behind it. All its rooms are welcoming places that breathe hospitality and wellbeing in all its corners, with small details and a surface and parquet flooring that remind its tenants that they still enjoy all the comfort of modern urban life.

The decoration of a farm in Belgium05

The decoration of a farm in Belgium06

The decoration of a farm in Belgium07

The decoration of a farm in Belgium08

The decoration of a farm in Belgium09


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