The interior of a beautiful house in Australia

Justin and Jeanne Roebert are a couple from Melbourne (Australia) who love decoration, and that shows in the design of their beautiful house. For this they decided to hire Hecker Guthrie, a renowned multidisciplinary interior designer specializing in providing the interior of family homes with comfort and uniformity.

A design house in Australia-01

Inside the white is the protagonist: dominates the scene in walls, doors and much of the furniture. Floating flooring reinforces the contrast, creating a simple and easy interior.

In the living room, blue takes over to add warmth to the proposal. The detail of the matching carpet reinforces this first impression. We see a space just full of furniture, with the right complements to feel comfortable and rest watching the great views of a small interior garden.

A design house in Australia-02

A design house in Australia-03

Wood is the material chosen for the main furniture. Interior tables and outdoor table are enhanced thanks to the clarity of this element. In the kitchen, we find the use of perfect marble: it gives the kitchen a lot of elegance and brightness. In addition, the set is complemented very well with a furniture covered in brown leather in light tones.

A design house in Australia-04

A design house in Australia-05

Another detail of the room, in which it is appreciated once again how the white textures can be combined with touches of color in auxiliary elements such as a carpet. Unbeatable!

A design house in Australia-06

In the bedroom, the gray takes the walls to blend with the white of the bed. Elegant and discreet, with a color detail in the form of a picture: it gives it a lot of personality.

A design house in Australia-07

The bathroom is another example of luxury and discretion: marble offers a beautiful surface and is very hygienic. The proposal is completed with very discreet details: simple lines and sobriety for a cozy interior.

A design house in Australia-08

A design house in Australia-09


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