The ingenious designer lamps by Silvia Ceñal

The Spanish designer Silvia Ceñal Idarreta It has been based on a typical French sweet, the "macaron", to create these ingenious lamps. With a structure created by two pieces of wood and colored threads, these lamps are called to be a clear modern alternative to illuminate the different spaces of the home.

Lamps by Silvia Ceñal 1

What most striking in these incredible pieces is the bet of its creator for the artisan and also for the simple designs. Far from the usual paraphernalia of more contemporary models and with a fairly minimalist design concept, these lamps are composed only of a pair of circular pieces of wood joined by a neon exterior cord.

Lamps by Silvia Ceñal 2

As we see, between each piece there is a space prepared to place the bulb. A concept inspired by the rich pastry and in turn based on the most professionalized DIY.

Lamps by Silvia Ceñal 3

Lamps by Silvia Ceñal 4

Also, the possibility of exchanging the colors of the rope is allowed depending on the environment we want to illuminate: yellow, blue, pink ... Cool colors and with an undoubted character naïf and playful. A proposal of lighting that conquers for its apparent simplicity and above all for its freshness.

Lamps by Silvia Ceñal 5


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