The industrial style kitchen and the exposed brick walls

In the industrial style the exposed brick walls have been one of their characteristics since its inception, although there is now a tendency within this industrial style that turns the brick walls seen into nothing less than essential. This tendency within the industrial style gives a tremendous importance to the brick walls as a premise on which to build the decoration. So in this current you can not understand a kitchen that does not have some section of its exposed brick walls and at least the front of the kitchen.

Industrial style kitchen and brick 2

As you will see in this article the characteristics of the elements of the kitchen are typical of any industrial style kitchen, furniture, kitchen and stainless steel appliances and professional appearance. Some wood on countertops or floors and always exposed brick walls in varying degrees of exposure.

Industrial style kitchen and brick 3

Industrial style kitchen and brick 4

Two examples of unfinished industrial style with varying degrees, above the brick wall has received a layer of paint and the bottom has apparently received no treatment. Although that is difficult to admit, generally we will always have to apply some treatment to the brick wall if only so that it is not constantly releasing dust that will soil the kitchen. The treatments that can be applied to brick walls can be invisible, soap, linseed oil, transparent varnishes or visible when painted a uniform color.

Industrial style kitchen and brick 5

Industrial style kitchen and brick 7

This style has many followers in the world and it seems that it has come to stay a good season. It is attractive and practical, at least when it comes to the professional elements of the kitchen, more suitable to work and easier to maintain. Regarding the unfinished walls there will be opinions for all tastes but it is obvious that if they are not treated well they can be a source of problems, in them dirt will accumulate that will not be easy to clean and will cause bad odors and their visual attractiveness will decrease enormously with the grease stains.


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