The importance of space for storage in the bathroom

In the bathroom it is essential to have storage space and if we do not have enough cabinets we have to get what we have to better use the space and have everything stored. The difference between a bathroom where all the objects are well stored and another where they are all in the middle in any way is radical. At first, the tidy bathroom will seem cleaner and tidier, while the messy one will always give the feeling of being dirty. The order is the first cleaning indicator .

Storage in the bathroom 1

We will order the closet for spaces placing in each part the utensils and products of each member of the family. So on the shelves or low doors we will place what children normally use so that they are at their height and can easily pick it up. If necessary, we will label the delimited spaces so that each member of the family knows where their things are and does not go around while looking for them. A closet placed about the toilet it will allow us to take advantage of a space that is almost always dead, without utility.

Storage in the bathroom 2

Another space that generally remains unused is the one of under the sink , we can place a piece of furniture to take advantage of that space. Some furniture under the sink are easy to purchase because they do not need to change the battery, simply mount them and place them under the sink. They do not usually have great capacity in this kit, but they will allow us to store some things that otherwise we would not know where to put.

Storage in the bathroom 3

Your bathroom may not have a lot of surface, it's normal, so we have to take advantage of the height and installing narrow but tall furniture and shelving. This way they will not steal much surface but we will end up having enough space for storage.


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