The ideal bed for your daughter

For children there are endless extravagant and luxurious designs, but the ones that always catch our attention in the first instance are the designs for girls. And when it comes to luxury, the bed is one of them.


For all those who believe that their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc. They are simply the princesses and they want to make their rooms a real story, this bed shaped like Cinderella pumpkin It is the ideal model.
Designed by the firm Posh Tots , this pumpkin-shaped bed that looks like something out of a story is made entirely by hand in England in wood and fiberglass.


Your delivery time is at least six months and you can even customize the decoration fabrics of the same. In this bed there is even room for dolls and sleepwear.
Of course, its cost is very high. Round 47,000 dollars. But the truth is, it's sweet, unique and even adults fall in love with it ...
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