The "House of the Cliff" with modernist inspiration

"Cliff House" or, what is the same, the "House of the Cliff" , is a wonderful home located on the top of a steep cliff on the outskirts of the Australian city of Sydney. Its privileged situation makes it worthy of spectacular views of the immensity of the ocean. The autochthonous firm Durbach Block Jaggers has been responsible for designing this luxury home whose exterior and interior is inspired by modern art.

An unusual house on a cliff 1

Not only because of its location, but also because of its spaciousness and beauty, this luxury residence is in itself a true work of art. Its architects relied on the cubist modernism from the painter Pablo Picasso, hence the unique architecture of this house. The ingenuity with which it has been made allows you to enjoy from the huge windows of incredible views, practically from any angle of the enclosure.

An unusual house on a cliff 2

Inside we find minimalist inspiration and first quality materials. Highlights above all its wide roofs, large windows, and light, lots of natural light.

An unusual house on a cliff 3

Outside, this stone wall stands out, which seems to melt the house with nature. This is where we find this beautiful pool with beautiful views of the garden, and that does not detract from the beauty of the sea.

An unusual house on a cliff 4

The lounge, designed with simplicity following this minimalist line, is an ideal space to relax while watching the sunset. The light falls directly on the house, so surely its interior temperature should be quite pleasant.

An unusual house on a cliff 5

The spaciousness of the bathrooms is another gem of this luxury home. Modernism in white, diaphanous space and clarity. A house to lose yourself and forget everything.

An unusual house on a cliff 6

An unusual house on a cliff 7


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