The green color: 10 reasons to use it at home

Green is a great color to use in the decor of our home for many reasons.

For some it is the favorite color, others adore it above all colors and others simply discard it automatically when it comes to redecorating the home.

Today in Guiaparadecorar, we will tell you why it is believed that green is one of the best colors to decorate our home. Take note!

The green color 10 reasons to use it at home1

Green is a color that we can use to accentuate or give life to our decoration as well as a point or neutral color in it. Its uses are infinite and unique at the same time ... here are the ten reasons to use it!

1- The green in the bathroom gives a completely refreshing feeling: using it in our bathroom allows a spirit - body connection that makes us leave completely renewed after being in this space. A simple way to add green to your bathroom is by painting the walls (you can use different shades of green, some darker and others lighter to combine), with bathing clothes, with rugs and other decorative objects. bathroom.

2- In the room helps to sleep better : as in the bathroom, the bedroom we seek tranquility and recover from the long days of work. Having green in the room will allow us to have tranquility and rejuvenation after rest. You can create a Zen oasis in your room with the bedding, the curtains in different shades of green and brown. The brown and green color of spring will help you emulate a forest and you will have the feeling of being in nature.

3- The green in the kitchen is relaxing Having the doors of the kitchen cupboards painted a light green or apple is fully relaxing. In many places of the world, green and white are the most popular colors to decorate the kitchen and give it that refreshing and enveloping touch. Both animals and humans have always obtained our food from nature; That is why painting our kitchens with this color makes us feel that same sensation. There is a marked trend in the world of design to the appliances and kitchen utensils are increasingly green both in its manufacture, components and their colors.

The green color 10 reasons to use it at home3

4- Help calm your senses : if you are looking for the perfect decoration of your meditation or rest room, to achieve it a couple of shades of pale green and yellow buttery are perfect. The human body associates these colors with relaxation and calmness. You can add them with paintings on the walls, decoration accessories, cushions, lamps and others.

5- Rejuvenates and gives energy : if you want to feel energized in your favorite space, you just have to add a bright green color with bright shades of yellow. You can do it with the fabric cushions and the wallpaper, the green color is inspiring and help to be creative. You can use it in games rooms, studios and work areas and even in the rooms of your home.

6- Children love the color green : the color apple, lemon, dark green in the games rooms and their rooms makes them completely happy and contributes to the development of intelligence. You can use it alone or in pairs with blue, brown, yellow, purple or other shades of green.

The green color 10 reasons to use it at home4

7- Green is popular to decorate spaces dedicated fully to men : green is a very versatile color and is not gender specific. Although hunters and armies tend to use them; They are also widely used in offices, libraries, billiard rooms and other recreational spaces as a way to evoke masculine appeal.

8- You can use it in your home or department of large cities : for those who live in urban homes, in large cities in houses or apartments where they have no contact with nature, one way to bring nature to the home is to emulate the vegetation inside the house and for this the green is the color indicated. The kitchen sets, the natural fibers, the green in your furniture, and its surroundings, will make the noise, the hustle and bustle of urban life melt inside your home ...

9- Use "Eco-friendly" materials to transform your home and make it "greener" : you can choose from cork floors, seagrass furniture, and even jute rugs. Your house can feel the nature maadre in each of the details!

The green color 10 reasons to use it at home2

10- Green is synonymous with balance in feng shui : the color green is a color of balance that means harmony. Consider using the color green as a color for the exterior of your home, along with bright green plants for the entrance and porch. You can make your home a place where you feel the harmony thanks to the use of green.

If you could choose a color to represent calm, relaxation, energy and balance is the color green. The colors that are naturally found in nature will make others and yourself feel comfortable every time you arrive ...


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